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How to Prepare Your Boat for Transport
Print out this checklist and go through these steps to safely ship your boat.

Basic Boat Prep

  • All loose items in your vessel such as plates, books, galley utensils, and personal items should be removed.
  • Secure decor such as tops, curtains, seat cushions.
  • All above deck electronics, anchors, winch handles, lines and equipment must be stowed safely below or in a lockable compartment.
  • Empty all water and holding tanks.
  • Disconnect battery cables or turn off battery switch.
  • Empty fuel in tanks, do not top off.
  • Remove the plug from the craft.

Tips for larger vessels

  • Remove any device or fixture that extends beyond the hull of the vessel such as antennas, radar, compasses or depth sounders. These devices should be secured inside the vessel for shipping.
  • You will need to store and secure plastic and plexiglass windshields below.
  • If you are moving the boat during the winter months, then you need to winterize the engine, toilets, the water systems or any other weather sensitive device on the vessel.
  • Shrink wrap is not suggested. Shrink wrap generally tears away in transit, and could cause damage to your boat. We will not be reponsible for any shrink wrapped boats condition before, or during transport.

Preparing Your Sailboat

  • When moving a sailboat, you must remove all standing rigging, lights, spreaders, wind indicators and all other types of mast rigging prior to transport. We cannot assume liability for damage such as scratches or abrasions that may occur on the mast or damaged rigging or lights left on the mast during transport.
  • Carpet should be provided for the mast at tie down points. Expect some chafing at these points.
  • Any dinghies on davits must be removed, as well as wind generators, self-steering vanes and anchors.

Our Transport Service

  • Insurance, permits, if required, are included in the cost. Excessive waiting time or time to prepare the boat for transport is billed at $75 per hour or part there of. Loading and unloading charges are not included and are the responsibility of the shipper. The price is based on the boat loading at 13'6" high x 8'6" wide unless otherwise noted.
  • Deposit may be paid by certified funds, final payment due at delivery (Cash, certified bank check/money order).
  • If you are shipping the boat on your own trailer (tow-and-go) carrier cannot be responsible for damage caused by the trailer (rollers or frame). The trailer must be fit for road travel.

Make sure the carrier that transports YOUR boat is indeed an active motor carrier, licensed and insured.
Click on this link to look up any carrier:
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

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